Date of birth: april 6th, 1998

Nationality: German

Residence: Bremerhaven, Germany

Last amateur hcp: +4,8

Last WAGR: 100


1st place German Championship under18, 2015+ 2016

German Golf League, Team G&LC Berlin Wannsee:
1st place 2015
3rd place 2016 & 2017
2nd place 2018

3rd place Spanish International Amateur Open 2017

5th place British Amateur Open 2017

1st place Turkish Amateur Open 2015 + 2016

1st place Belgian Amateur Open 2016 + 2017

European Vice Champion with Team G&LC Berlin Wannsee- European Club Trophy, Hungary, 2015

Supporter Club

Welcome to Anastasias Fifty Niners Club


Date Country Tournament Venue
May 3 - 5 Switzerland VP Bank Ladies Open Gams-Werdenberg Golf Club, Switzerland
May 15 - 17 Switzerland Neuchatel Ladies Championship Neuchatel Golf & Country Club, Saint- Blaise, Switzerland
May 23 - 25 France Jabra Ladies Open (denotes dual-ranking event) Golf Club de Evian, Evian-les-Bains, France
May 29 - 31 Switzerland Lavaux Ladies Championship Golf de Lavaux, Switzerland
June 6 - 8 Finland Viaplay Ladies Finnish Open Messilä Golf, Lahti, Finland
June 13 - 15 Sweden Skaftö Open Skaftö Golf Club, Fiskebäckskil, Sweden
June 20 - 22 France Montauban Ladies Open Golf de Montauban l'Estang, Montauban, France
June 27 - 29 Belgium Belfius Ladies Open Cleydael Golf & Country Club, Aartselaar, Belgium
July 4 - 7 France Saint Malo Golf Mixed Open Saint Malo Golf Resort, Brittany, France
July 11 - 13 Spain Ribeira Sacra Patrimonio de la Humanidad International Ladies Open Augas Santas Balneario & Golf Resort, Spain
July 15 England British Open Qualifying Sandy Lodge Golf Club, Hertfordshire, GB
July 17 - 19 Spain Santander Golf Tour LETAS Valencia Club de Golf Escorpion, Betera, Spain
July 28 - 29 Germany PGA Championship, Golfclub Hude, Germany -
August 1 - 3 Czech Republic Czech Ladies Challenge Golf Resort Konopiště, Czech Republic
August 8 - 10 Sweden Anna Nordqvist Västerås Open Västerås Golf Club, Västerås, Sweden
August 15 - 18 Northern Ireland ISPS HANDA World Invitational Galgorm Castle Golf Club & Massereene Golf Club, Northern Ireland
August 22 - 25 USA LPGA LPGA in Mission Hills, California, USA
August 29 - 31 Sweden Scandic PGA Championship Allerum Golf Club, Helsingborg, Sweden
September 8 - 9 Germany PGA Pairs Tournament Golf Club, Bremer Schweiz, Germany
September 12 - 14 England WPGA International Challenge Stoke by Nayland Hotel Golf & Spa, Leavenheath, England
September 25 - 28 Germany Rügenwalder Mühle Ladies Open Golf Club Am Meer, Bad Zwischenahn, Germany
October 4 - 6 France Road To La Largue Final Golf Club de LaLargue, Mooslargue, France


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In the bag

Driver: Taylormade M5 9° / Tensei CK Series 60 Flex-R.

Woods/Rescues: 3,5 Taylormade M5 / Tensei CK Series 65 Flex-R.

Irons: PPXG 0311 P | Shaft ACCRA 80i.

Wedges: Callaway Mack Daddy 4 | 50,54,58 grad loft, UST Mamiya Recoil 95 Gramm Schaft.

Putter: Edelgolf E-2.

Balls: Titleist V1x.

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